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FYI, I've laid a few Easter Eggs in and around this site ... if you find one, let me know!

If you read these posts, you will see that I have a sophomoric sense of humor - I guess I'm still a teenager at heart. But I also like to think that my sense of humor is dry, dark, and, well, British! (Let's face it - most of us boys just refuse to grow up; I kinda like it that way.) My favorite magazine: Viz ("Britain's leading toilet humour magazine"). Which brings me to a Viz spin-off, Roger's Profanisaurus, the ultimate dictionary of, well, slang. Filth. Sort of. Maybe. Whatever. Of course, there's an iPhone app for that - well worth the $4.99, trust me! Hint: Shake your phone for a random definition. And a quickie: I came across this as I was writing this nonsense. The Straight Dope rules!

Which brings me to my fave websites. That's easy - just take a look at the links I've listed on the right. They're in no particular order, probably because they cover a wide range of topics, and ranking them would be one of those apple/orange things.

Regrets? I've had a few, but then again... I've certainly had my share of disappointments and tragedies in my life. Far too many of my friends have died, far too prematurely. Beyond the HIV crisis in the '80s and '90s, it seems that way too many friends are dying way too young for way too many reasons - much of it, sad to say, brought on by a profligate lifestyle. So, if they did that by choice (not circumstance), well then all hail to them: they lived life to the fullest, and the penalty was an early death. But why am I fixated on this? To be honest, it's my sense of abject loss. I am so tired of losing friends about as frequently as one loses one's keys. Selfish viewpoint? Yes. But I'm lonesome, damnit, and it ain't done oughta be that way.

I'm about as politically wonkish as one can get. My views tend toward the liberal, but that's a simple generalization - and generalizations are always tricky. I guess the best way to explain it is to say that I prefer to judge each issue on its own merit. But if I were to apply a score to each one, with 0 being right-wing and 10 being left-wing, and average it out, I would say that I would score somewhere around 8. So yes, definitely leaning way more to the left. Mind you, let's face it: politics is a dirty game, played almost as well by the Democrats as by the Republicans. I guess what I'm saying is that both parties are evil, with the Dems being slightly less so. And, while I'm happy to negatively criticize Obama when warranted, I think that, overall, he certainly has the right idea, is a smart and ruthless man, and is well-suited to be the POTUS (especially now that he has finally acquired a set of testicles). He takes a strategic, not tactical, approach to the issues, a refreshing change. But here's the problem: strategy is a long-term game, tactics short-term. Consequently, people do not yet understand what Obama can, and likely will, achieve. We just need to be patient, and (with any luck) give him a second term so that he has time to do what he has to do. I also believe that he knows when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em (his cards, not his testicles!). And I think we can all agree on one thing: Dubya's two terms in office left an unholy mess, and now we've left it to the black guy to clean it up. Typical! [One more thing: For all you teabaggers out there: Check the definition of teabagger - even those of you already hip to its real meaning will enjoy this...!]

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