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I've decided to add this page as a place to keep pictures that I like and hope you will too. I will add them occasionally as I come across them. To avoid redundancy, if I create a post consisting of fun pictures only, I will just add the link here.

Yup - an iPod up the ass!

The things you find at dollar stores.

A sloganeer's dream.

I wonder what the birth rate is here!

Technology at its best.

This could be useful.

Still have questions? Apparently.

South Africa: The Transkei

South Africa: Sunset in Germiston

October 9 2010: fun bathroom signs.

Talk about "praying" on kids...

Zwilling Knives "billboard" in Switzerland

Yes - it's Ronnie!

Dead woman at bottom of stairs - a safety ad?

Laptop ad on airplane seat - how's that for a captive audience?

A battery-powered bus!

Watches for straphangers!

Ad for The Sopranos - I like this one!

And, of course, one for San Francisco - the zoo!

Studious Sarah - can she see Russia from there?

Just don't shoot your tattooed balls off!

The Quigley Seminary in Chicago - I like the composition of this 1930s photograph.

Mmm ... yum!

Boy scouts could do more than camp in this tent!

Oops! He just jizzed his jeans!

I'm intrigued - can anyone enlighten me as to why they found it necessary to post this sign?

Yes, this is really gross, particularly right underneath the masturbation sign!

I'm seeing a theme developing here ... no more, I promise!

I just adore Eric's "do" - not to mention the frock and the tits!

Ya know, there's just no excuse these days for bad speling.

Why? Please tell me why!

Pictures of the Gautrain, Johannesburg's new rapid transit system.

Need I say more?

This is copyleft, a form of anti-copyright. See here for more info.

A wine farm somewhere in (I think) France. I just like the composition of the photo.

OK, gotta have the penis pic!

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