Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Comment Confusion...

There appears to be some confusion about leaving comments here. You need to click on the words "xx comments", not the envelope next to it -- the envelope sends e-mail to me. It's not too intuitive, is it? I'm thinking of changing to another template, or at least making some changes to this one, like modifying the typesize and perhaps typeface in some areas. We'll see. So, remember, click on the words to leave a comment.

Friday, June 3, 2005

David "Now" superimposed on David "Then"

Because I have a reputation for reading all the time (while practicing my anti-social traits), Davio thought this superimposition would be a nice touch. Also gives you a better idea of the sad state of my greying hair. [Note to Davio: We must do something about that soon.]

Interestingly, a number of the pictures in the 30-year-old batch that Donald sent to me were, yes, of me reading. Mind you, at least in those days it was the Sunday funnies!

That cryptic aside to Davio above: Over the years at the Rainbow Room (our home away from home), Davio and I would go into the kitchen at the back of the club with a $5 bottle of hair dye (sorry, coloring) and "do" our hair. It became a tradition, but has fallen by the wayside. Looks like we need to re-establish it. He's in Florida at the moment, but as soon as he returns...

Davio and David holding the David/Donna pic

Here's the story: My first lover, Donald, took a number of black and white pictures of me about 30 years ago. He recently discovered them, and sent them to me as 4x6's. I showed them to my friend Davio, and he liked the one with the cat (Donna) so much that he decided to not only blow it up, but frame it as well and give it to me as a gift. Really cool!!!! This picture shows me (the old ugly one on the left) and Davio (the not-quite-as-old cute one on the right) holding the picture on the patio of the Rainbow Room here in Hayward, California. [Donna used to live on my shoulder -- in Cape Town, we had an armoire at the front door. At 5pm every day, she would climb on top of it, and wait for me to walk in. She would then leap onto my shoulders, in the pose you see, and stay there all evening.]

Why HardDavid?

When I signed up for a Google e-mail (GMail) account, I really wanted to use my real name. Unfortunately, with a common name like mine, all possible permutations and combinations had already been eaten up. Then, the system suggested "HarDavid" (only two Ds). It clearly was deriving the first three characters from my last name. In a fit of foolish frenzy, I decided that "HardDavid" (three Ds) would be, well, more fun ... you get the drift, I have no doubt.

I wanted the Blog to have the same name because I believe Google will soon be integrating GMail with BlogSpot, and using the same name seems like a good idea. So there it is. I'm stuck with it. Could be worse.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

In the beginning...

So why am I trying yet again to maintain a blog? Well, I notice that, recently, the volume of "stuff" that I forward to friends (typically political rants and funnies) has been growing. I'm concerned that this may be somewhat annoying to some people (believe me, I understand), so hopefully by ranting here instead of e-mails, those of you who are interested can come here whenever you like. There are lots of other advantages to blogs, and I'm learning as I go -- so bear with me at least initially!!! [The last time I tried this, the idea withered on the vine. So, don't hold yer breath!]

One big advantage is that you, too, can contribute -- I am going to allow comments to be posted on my blogs. Please feel free to agree/disagree/whatever...