Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fox News goes nuk-u-lar!

Why, oh why, do the Fox News anchors and all their pundits insist on pronouncing "nuclear" with that middle "U" sound?! I have a theory, but first, a quote from this wonderful site on English usage:
This isn’t a writing problem, but a pronunciation error. President Eisenhower used to consistently insert a “U” sound between the first and second syllables, leading many journalists to imitate him and say “nuk-yuh-lar” instead of the correct “nuk-lee-ar.” The confusion extends also to “nucleus.” Many people can’t even hear the mistake when they make it, and only scientists and a few others will catch the mispronunciation; but you lose credibility if you are an anti-nuclear protester who doesn’t know how to pronounce “nuclear.” Here’s one way to remember: we need a new, clear understanding of the issues; let’s stop saying “Nuke you![Red emphasis mine, just because I can!]
My theory: Sarah-I-can-see-Russia-from-my-porch-Palin made a tit of herself every time she tried to pronounce the N-word. Since the right-wing neo-cons revere Queen Sarah, they probably don't want to upset their deity - therefore, everyone on that "network" has been told to mispronounce it. (Who remembers the scandal that erupted when they spelled "nuclear" as "new-clear" on her TelePrompTer [a.k.a. autocue]? A real one, that is, not her actual TelePrompTer, which, as we all know, is her hand!)

Well, that's my theory, and I'm sticking to it! Which reminds me - who remembers the bit from Monty Python about Anne Elk's theory about the brontosaurus? See post above...

But, I Babble: I just cannot resist posting these images:
                Nice tits, Sarah!                      Call me Vanna!                            Nailin' Palin!

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