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Note, October 19: This page isn't happening, is it? I gotta think about this...

OK, so the DVD thing clearly isn't happening... Maybe I should talk about TV shows I like. Starting with my all-time favorite, Family Guy!!!

No, not my webcam! This is where I list the DVDs that I'm currently watching. I'm going to avoid the porn, of course - that might just tell you a little too much about me!

Over time, you will notice that I have a penchant for British humor, hence the over-heavy listings of Britich sitcoms. Also, Brits have a wonderfully gruesome eye, and their dramas, detective shows and mysteries tend to be rather detailed when it comes to depicting dead bodies - which is, like, kewl!

There'll be a smattering of other stuff too. So, without further ado:

... ... tbd
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