Saturday, May 22, 2010

And once more from the top!

Here we go: My regular once-every-three-years (do they have a word for that? triennial? tri-annual? who knows) update to my blog! Each time I do this, I promise threaten to maintain it regularly ... problem is, what to say?

It's an eternal dilemma, because clearly it must be interesting and preferably amusing, if not outright funny (funny ha-ha, not funny peculiar!). Truth be told, my life over the past year or so has not been much fun, and who wants to bring my audience down? Not I. So, for now, rest assured that I really do believe that I will update this a tad more regularly, preferably in an upbeat fashion.

The world is a mess, my life is a mess. And it seems that the problems, at least those of the world, are becoming more intractable as time goes by. The global economy, the global environment, global wars, just global nastiness in general -- notice a theme there?

So, no more downers. At least not for today. I will give this blog some thought, and when I figure out a good way to progress with this slice of my life, I will. Meantime, sterkte (ask me for a translation if you didn't get that)! Any and all comments are welcome ... you know where the button is. Click it.

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