Saturday, July 24, 2010

Words words words

  • I saw a video game yesterday that, when time was up and the game wasn't finished, it declared that the status was "incompleted."
  • And "pitted cherries" - those are the ones that come with pits, right? Much to my surprise, there wasn't a pit to be found. I wuz duped! What's wrong with "unpitted"? Or, considering the item above, "inpitted"? Yeah, OK...
  • Then there's that expression, peculiarly unique to the U.S.: "Hot water heater." Why, I ask you, would anyone want to heat hot water? Why not just call it a "water heater" and be done with it?
  • This one is patently unfair, because it clearly comes from someone whose native language is not English, but still - it makes me smile. (It's from a porn site which shall remain nameless!)
    What Turns Me On: I wind the leather linen! Adore the humid cheeps and members selecting nectar. Love not much roughnesses. Want to become the slave! Adore the weasels. Love the rols play!

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