Friday, June 3, 2005

Davio and David holding the David/Donna pic

Here's the story: My first lover, Donald, took a number of black and white pictures of me about 30 years ago. He recently discovered them, and sent them to me as 4x6's. I showed them to my friend Davio, and he liked the one with the cat (Donna) so much that he decided to not only blow it up, but frame it as well and give it to me as a gift. Really cool!!!! This picture shows me (the old ugly one on the left) and Davio (the not-quite-as-old cute one on the right) holding the picture on the patio of the Rainbow Room here in Hayward, California. [Donna used to live on my shoulder -- in Cape Town, we had an armoire at the front door. At 5pm every day, she would climb on top of it, and wait for me to walk in. She would then leap onto my shoulders, in the pose you see, and stay there all evening.]

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