Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Battle to dominate your living room

It seems that marriage of TV and the 'net is becoming more a reality as each day goes by. If executed well, this could be an exciting innovation. Or, it could be a dud - after all, hooking one's 'puter to a TV is somewhat passé already, even though it does require at least a smidgen of technical knowledge. But if it really, honestly, absolutely, becomes "plug 'n play" (to resurrect an old term), then I think we may be on to something revolutionary. I've always dreamed of the potential of truly interactive TV, but there's no question it has to be as seamless as possible - almost like what the iPhone/iPad/iWhatever did to get phones and 'puters to wed.

Needless to say, Google (surprise!) is one of two major contenders in this arena, the other being Apple. It will be interesting to see who prevails - if at all! Time, as always, will tell.

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