Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pictures of Turf Club's 25th anniversary

As I mentioned in my prior post, yesterday was the Turf Club's 25th anniversary, and a blast was had by all. I snapped some pictures, but not nearly enough to do justice to the event. Nonetheless, here's a sampling.

Great hors d'œuvre and amuse bouche got us going, prepared and served by Steve D'Assis. Then we were served a dinner of juicy, tender prime rib, new potatoes slathered in butter, and a delicious marinated bean side (a nod to my need for veg!). I wasn't able to manage dessert, but was reliably informed that the selection was, again, delicious. And, of course, champagne. All the staff were parading around in tuxes (or some variant thereof), all looking wonderful. A big thank you goes out, in kinda-sorta alphabetical order, to Larry, Doug, Danny, Dave, Eric, Frank, Gary, Hazel, Jay, Jennifer, Michael, Randy, Shawn, both Steves, and others I'm just not remembering right now (apologies)!

Some people pics first, then some more general pics.

My friend Bryan and bartender Shawn
Bartender Jennifer
My friend Carrie (aka Dinklesquat!!!)

Doug - da mob boss!
(And, of course, the ever-present whiskey sour in Bryan's hand!)
Bartender and good friend Dave
My friend John, who owes me a drink!
(Bet he can't remember why...)
Dave, suitably attired!
And some more general views of the party:


Shawnald said...

love the pics Dave. Especially "Doug - da mob boss". Thats hilarious and Doug looks sexy. Had a blast.

John Miles said...

Great pics sir! Um, about that beer. I'd like to buy a vowel please.:)
Actually I DO remember the bet. It had to do with your bionic eyes picking up on a type on a promo card at the club for a show, right?

Tim said...

I'm missing from your gallery! Oh well, there is a great one of me and Doris on Facebook. What a party!