Sunday, August 1, 2010

Golly gee whiz - Sarah is upset

Recently, an author, Joe McGinniss, moved next door to Sarah Palin's Wasilla home, intending to write a book about her "year of living dangerously." Seems she's not happy - I watched her pouty little face on Fucks (oops!) Fox News Sunday wailing about this. You can read the story here. A quote from it:
"We've changed our behavior as a result of our new neighbor," said Palin, considered a political superstar by many on the Republican right. "We just avoid certain angles in the house. And we avoid the front yard."
Poor baby. The Palins have also erected a 14' fence between the properties. The author, Joe (unfortunate name, makes me think of six-packs and "plumbers"!) McGinniss, will move out in October and publish his tell-all in autumn 2011. I can't wait.

You can watch the televised interview here, along with an interesting observation about her hypocrisy concerning her low poll numbers. (Shades of George W. Bush's attitude?)

With reference to the Arizona border law mess in the same interview, Palin claimed that Jan Brewer, the Republican Governor of Arizona, has the cojones that Obama lacks - well, I'm sure a transplant could be arranged! Speaking of our POTUS, the tweet twit (left) is, of course, a reference to Obama's recent appearance on the ABC morning talk show The View.

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