Monday, August 9, 2010

Sarah Palin stand-up!!!

Mouthy Monica!
Here's a good one - a stand-up cardboard cutout of our friend Sarah!!! There's just gotta be a good place to display this cow. All suggestions welcome!

They even describe her as "20x69" - a reference, perhaps, to how many times she has, well, you know ... done a "Monica"?

Cheap at half the price!!!


Shawn said...

I would like one to bring behind the bar with me. That way everytime you order a drink Sarah and I both could serve you with a smile. :)

David said...

I'm sure she'd love to serve me a good Russian vodka!

And if we could find one of Monica with her mouth open like it is in the pic, you could serve her a Blowjob or two and then she could give one to Bill Clinton...