Friday, August 13, 2010

Odd how this works

I just went to a site with a petition for signing support for Prop. 8 - i.e. those against same-sex marriage. But when I tried to submit my viewpoint (of course, the opposite of what they wanted to hear), I got "an unexpected error has occurred..." and my view was not posted. Hmm. Here's what I said:
Overturn Prop. 8 now.
NOTE: This is an opposing viewpoint - i.e. it agrees with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, etc. The content is, however, addressed to those who support Prop. 8 because they are the ones who need to hear a reasonable, opposing viewpoint.
Proposition 8 REMOVES rights from the Constitution - that is not a value that U.S. citizens should support, much less be proud of. Just because this goes against your beliefs, it is NOT a reason to be bigoted about this.

Recognize that, by removing this right from the equal protection clause, you are embarking on a slippery slope that could, some day, end up in a decision AGAINST you - perhaps because of your religious beliefs, the color of your skin, or whatever. There is a reason the 14th Amendment is there, as well as the fact that it has been challenged 14 times in the past, and those challenges have been struck down every time.

And please do not try and bring religion into this - you do this when it suits you, but refuse to when it does not. The separation of church and state is key to the way this country is run. Regardless of any particular personal viewpoint, this separation MUST be adhered to, like it or not.

I understand and sympathize with your concern, but sometimes you just have to accept things that you do not believe in, particularly when you are displaying bigotry like this.

PLEASE - just grow up. You are all behaving like children who cannot get their way. It's embarrassing and sad.
So. I have no doubt that their software spotted the phrase "overturn Prop. 8" and decided that it could not swallow the truth. If you like, see what, if anything, you can do at this site. Let me know if you get any interesting results!!!

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