Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sarah Palin is a foxymoron!

Foxymoron! Yes, I stole that coinage from the mother of a ten-year-old here. Hey, whaddya want from me? That's fuckin' brilliant, man!

We're talking about how Sarah continues to outdo herself with idiotic, made-up words. Her latest is a twit (oops) tweet referring to feminists as a "cackle of rads." Say what?! She is getting as bad as, if not worse than, our old friend Dubya. Palinisms are going to become a cottage industry, you can rest assured of that! I am enjoying the comments about this. One in particular gives us the made-up phrase "persnuffle of keplectitude" - beautiful!!!

"Cackle of rads" is definitely worth a Google! It makes "refudiate" look positively professorial. (And speaking of professorial, I highly doubt that she knows what the diacritical 'e' acute is in the word "passé" above, let alone how to accomplish it on a keyboard. It, no doubt, was the work of the autocorrect function on her phone/computer.)

As Keith Olbermann points out, she is too damn clueless to realize that the feminists she tirelessly puts down are the very same people who have given her many of the freedoms she enjoys.

Ooooh, Sarah: Please! Don't! Stop! Please ... don't ... stop! Please don't stop! I may even start following your twits (oops again!) tweets.

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