Saturday, August 21, 2010

Four Fs today, no Five, oh dear, six: Flatulence I, Fact-checking, For sale, Flatulence II

(Links are embedded in the subheads below.)

Flatulence I: Facts about a "fartiste," Le Petomane, in 19th-century France who wowed, so to speak, his audiences with his amazing sphincter.

Fact-checking: Here's an interesting story about fastidious fact-checking - one of the reasons I rely on the New York Times as much as I do.

For sale: Apparently, J.D. Salinger's toilet is up for sale online. Price? $1 million. Shit!

Flatulence II: A Chinese inventor has come up with, yes, a fart silencer! Instructions are to insert the thing up one's bum prior to the, um, event. The user is also encouraged to soak a cotton ball with one's favorite perfume and pop that into the device to, well, mask the sometimes-inevitable malodorous result.

Ya know, I really do try to rise above the level of poop humor, but the 'net is just such a rich source, and I'm still growing up - not a good combination. But hey, there's one serious item here today ... your task is finding it!

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