Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anger in America

Alice's Tea Party is also crazy,
except hers makes sense!
Here's an interesting post from Arianna Huffington. I'm going to let it speak for itself - a preview below, and the full article here. Just remember - there are alternatives.

"The Tea Party is angry! Really, really angry. So we are told again and again by the media. What's missing from this narrative is the fact that everybody is angry - even people who love the president, and wouldn't dream of voting for anyone other than a Democrat. And it's not hard to understand why. How can you look at what's happening in America and not be angry? But if we keep associating anger exclusively with the Tea Party, our public debate becomes a false choice between the status quo and an agenda that would, quite simply, destroy America. There is more than one way to channel anger. Yes, you can demonize and divide and scapegoat. But anger can also be harnessed and redirected -- the energy behind it used to connect, to reach out, to take action, to make life better both for your family and for others who need help. And there are tens of thousands across America doing just that."

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