Thursday, September 9, 2010

A busy day

This is a jam-packed day, so I'm gonna resort to bullets and short comments (yay!).
  • Burning the Qur'an: If, as this idiot "pastor" has threatened, the burning of 200 copies of the Qur'an goes ahead on Saturday, I think we will have descended to a new low in history - and, let's face it, that bar is already pretty damn low. This act would not only be disgusting, but it most definitely threatens our security. It's gonna piss off so many people. This horrible act of hate and bigotry may cause many of the soldiers who are protecting this asshole to be killed - that's pretty rich, ain't it? Imagine if Bibles or Torahs were being burned...? I'm speechless - that's rare. (Btw, I put the word "pastor" in quotes because he certainly is not acting the part. And, my dear, just varda her ugly eek!)
  • And more from Google: Yes, Google has done it again, with Google Instant. They have modified their search capability such that it tries to predict what you are looking for with every single keypress. It's pretty damn cool - you can read about it here, and try it out from that link by pressing the big blue button. There's more info here too. You may want to try a search like [Quran burning] since that's topical now. (For my pedantic friends out there: I deliberately omitted the apostrophe in "Qur'an" because there's no need for punctuation in a search term.)
  • Penis envy: Here's the largest penis in the world. And it's in St. Petersburg!!! (Cue Peter Griffin: giggle.)

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