Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's time for REVOLUTION!

That's what you see on James Lee's page on MySpace today. (For those of you who will have forgotten about this dude when the current news cycle ends, he is the one who is trying, as I write this, to hold the Discovery Channel hostage, in an attempt to get his demands heard.)

Here's a thought: Isn't it a shame that he had to get to this point to have his voice heard, when we have to put up with blowhards like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Man (oops) Ann Coulter, and all the other right-wing idiots who have a built-in platform like Fucks (oops again) Fox News to expound their views as and when they like?

Shouldn't there be a better way for people not in the public limelight to expound their views? Whether the views in question are reasonable or not isn't the point here ... if you look at Lee's manifesto, and get beyond the absurdity of the actual "demands," you will see that he actually has a viewpoint that many people would agree with.

Update: As I write this, CNN is reporting that he has been captured, and everything is OK. Which is exactly the outcome I anticipated; what I find fascinating is the breathless-baffling-babbling-bafflegab-bullshit "BREAKING NEWS!!! ... BREAKING NEWS!!!" coverage that TV is so fond of.

More update: Well, he's dead now, so who gives a shit?

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