Friday, September 3, 2010

Beheadings in the desert - WTF?!

Here's one for the books. Governor, Jan Brewer (R-AZ), appears to have had a couple of meltdowns in the past few days. You simply must read this article from The Huffington Post, as well as make sure you watch the two YouTube videos there.

The first one shows her at a very embarrassing moment in a political debate, where she ... well, I dunno, it's hard to describe ... she sorta "done did her very best," I guess.  If you believe those lengthy pauses and bad grammar are her very best please go ahead and vote Republican. Craig Ferguson, in his inimitable way, decided to add sound effects which really appeal to my disgusting sense of humor; take a look at the video below... But wait - there's more!

She made a claim recently that there have been, and I quote, "beheadings in the desert." The second video in the link above shows how a bunch of reporters asked her about this, and why she won't recant the statement. I'm not going to spoil the surprise - again, see for yourself.

Also, did you know that she claimed Hitler killed her father? It was an outright lie, and she denies having lied about it. Details here.

Amazing. Or maybe not - given all the shenanigans going on in this political silly season. Funny how this nonsense always seems to come from the right - believe me, I really do look for leftie shenanigans, but can never find them. I wonder why. To sorta prove my point, in posting this article, I inadvertently bumped into an outrageous "trailer" for Glenn Beck's book. It's interesting to note that Beck has forbidden comments, as well as the ability to embed the YouTube video. But no matter - if you want a good giggle, go here and watch it!

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