Saturday, September 4, 2010

Palin - again

This time, I point you to an article from Vanity Fair. While lengthy, it's definitely worth reading.

Ya know, I concede that Palin has political "smarts" - she certainly knows how to manipulate her throngs of adoring admirers and that, sadly, is what constitutes savvy in this disgusting power game we see playing out in D.C.

But think about this - if she ever, Goddess forbid, became (gulp) the POTUS, how would she handle the job? You think George W. Bush was stupid? Compared to her, he's a veritable Einstein. When someone doesn't know who Margaret Thatcher is, how on earth could she hold her own when interacting with world leaders? (Oh that's right, I forgot - the world is flat, and ends at the U.S. borders - except, of course, Russia, because Palin can actually see that from her porch.) Consider this quote from the Vanity Fair article:
Early in the 2008 campaign, when John McCain's aides discovered that Alaska-size gaps existed in Palin's general knowledge (among those previously unreported: she had no idea who Margaret Thatcher was), they from time to time would give her some books to read in hopes of improving the candidate's learning curve. On one such occasion, Palin accepted the books, set them aside, and for the next 25 minutes was held rapt by one of her three BlackBerrys.
Eventually, an aide asked, "What are you working on?"
"I’m reading these great e-mails," she said, "from the prayer warriors."
Oh dear.

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