Saturday, September 25, 2010

Google's browser, Chrome, shows its superiority - again

A couple of days ago, I told you about an evil new phenomenon - persistent cookies.

Well, I just read an item from PC Magazine that shows that Google's free browser, Chrome, pretty much decimates these things. If that's not a reason to use Chrome, I don't know what is. Get it here - you will love it, I promise.

I'm taking the liberty of quoting a significant chunk of the article from PC Magazine, mainly because I think this is so important:

"...But in Google Chrome you'll find a superior handling of the problem. Much to my surprise, and confirmed by Adobe, Chrome's cookie manager (Tools—Options—Under the Hood—Content Settings—Show cookies and other site data) integrates management of Flash cookies and almost all of the other items on Kamkar's list. Under the "" domain the section "Local Storage" included both the HTML5 storage and Flash cookies. Deleting the domain deleted all of it.

"Better still, Chrome's "Incognito" (private) mode prevented any of them. The cookie manager can't stop the cached image Kamkar says he creates, but all the private modes should be flushing the cache anyway.

"Adobe says that they are working with other browser companies to integrate similar functionality for Flash local storage, but Google Chrome is the first."

FYI: To open an Incognito window in Chrome, press ctrl-shift-n. Oh, and if you're searching for the Tools menu item mentioned above, it's the cute little spanner at the top right, just under the close button!

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