Monday, June 7, 2010

Gautrain inaugurated in Joeies!

After much political tsoris, the first section of the first heavy-duty rapid transit system in South Africa (more specifically, in Johannesburg) has just opened! The open portion runs between Sandton and OR Tambo Airport, 19.8 Km (≈12.3 miles). And just in time for the World Cup (naah, no connection there...!). Here's a clever commercial for the system.

And a pic of one of the trains, culled from today's news:
  • Why "Gautrain?" Johannesburg is in Gauteng province.
  • Joeies, Jo'burg, Jozi, eGoli (place of gold) are all local nicknames for the city.
  • Sandton is Jo'burg's primary commercial center.
  • OR Tambo Airport is Johannesburg International Airport.
  • And "tsoris?" No, not S. African! It's Yiddish for trouble, distress, heartbreak, ... you get the idea. Oy!
For more info, click the title of this post for an excellent Wikipedia article, or go here for a Google search.

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