Thursday, June 3, 2010

From the heart of my bottom...

...thank you for putting up with my silliness! (The title was inspired by the punchline of the second joke below.) Here are the jokes I posted in my daily update yesterday. For some crazy reason, I wanted to preserve them. Hence this post. But never fear - an original post coming up later today. (Yeah, like you care...!)
A constipated guy was so badly bunged up he decided to visit his doctor. The doc prescribed some suppositories, and told the patient to come back a week later.

When he returned, the doctor asked him how he was doing. The very unhappy patient replied, "Well, for all the good those pills did for me, I may as well have shoved them up my ass!"
One day, as a doctor was walking down a hospital corridor, he saw a patient fleeing from a nurse carrying a bowl of boiling water.

At which point the doctor yelled out, "No, no, nurse - I told you to prick his boil!

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