Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oil spill : Obama :: Katrina : Bush ?


There has been much speculation in the media comparing the oil spill to Katrina - they are pondering whether Obama will go down in the polls the way Bush did with the way he handled Katrina. The answer is simple, people: Katrina was a natural disaster, the spill was a man-made disaster. In a natural disaster, our government is the only body that can help - in a man-made one, the people/businesses that are responsible need to step in first. If they fuck up, then, and only then, must the government step in and assist with fixing the problem. And that is exactly what Obama has done. He has acted appropriately. Bush did not. Period.

Right now,
here's how:
Focus on the fix,
not the politics.
[Hey, I'm a poet,
I just didn't know it!]

Finger-pointing and the blame game can be played later.

But Obama in not perfect, and he has messed up in some respects. The main problem is his public persona: he just cannot display emotion, and that is what the public wants to see right now. They are angry, and they want to see an angry Obama.

The truth is, Obama really is angry; he just doesn't show it. [Note to Barack: Dude, please yell, scream, shout, sob, cuss, whatever - just effing do it! Thanks.]

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