Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blast from the past: I'd forgotten that Trivial Pursuit is fun!

Last night, I gathered up a motley crew of my friends and we played a game of, yes, Trivial Pursuit! (How I acquired it is another story - at a charity event last week, it came up during the auction. I opened the bidding with $5.00. Nobody else was interested, so a shrink-wrapped, early edition of the game landed in my lap for next to nothing!)

One question asked what CSSR stands for (Czechoslovak Republic, the old name for Czechoslovakia). Another wanted to know the name for the system of racial segregation in South Africa (apartheid, now abolished). Which meant the edition we were using must have been produced somewhere in the late '80s. Which, in turn, meant that it no doubt helped that the players were all a bunch of baby-booming old farts like me! (Ooh, it'll be interesting to see the comments if any of my partners-in-crime read this post...) I had forgotten just how much fun this game is.

One nit: A few too many rules, but fortunately it doesn't spoil the game if a few get tossed out the window as the drinking, I mean, game progresses. After all, who really cares where one's token lands? Just roll again, baby! Or suck up that tough history question - sucker!

Another minor complaint: Why, oh why, do they think that it's OK to combine Sports and Leisure into a single category? (Yes, it was the "Genus" edition.) Makes no damn sense. I suck at sports, and I'm v. good when it comes to leisure (!), thus causing a schizoid reaction from me every time I had to decide whether to land on this category!

Bottom line: Lotsa yelling, lotsa cheating, lotsa drinking, lotsa fun!

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