Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Story of John: A meta-post

Why the title? Well, this is a post about posting! As always, my friends over at Wikipedia and Wiktionary do a much better job of describing meta- than I can!

But, I digress. A friend of mine, John Miles, does voiceovers for a living; he used to be a radio DJ, primarily at country music stations. He now runs his own voiceover company and, like any sensible businessman, recognizes the need to get the word out. For some time, he has had a website that is maintained by someone else. As is often the case, not only is this an expensive proposition, it's also frustrating because he's unable to turn on the proverbial dime to get changes made. Even simple things like his phone number - I mean, c'mon! So, I suggested that he regain and retain control by setting up a blog hosted - where else - right here on Blogger!

But, I digress - again! For a few days now, John and I have been working on setting up his new site, at and, I have to say, it's coming along rather well. All I really did was show him the ropes over a beer last weekend and since then he's been blogging his brains out - and doing a damn fine job! Go take a look!

But, I digress - yet again. Finally, I'm getting to the point of the story. I think. Clearly, the primary thing John needs to advertise is - yes! - his voiceovers. (Is that word hyphenated or not? Voice-over, apparently, is more correct, but it looks strange to me. And just how can something be "more correct?" Or "more dead?" Or "more pregnant?" But, I digress!) And it turns out that Blogger does not, as yet, host audio files. At least not as slickly as it does everything else. (Oooh, "slickly" - now there's a word I could get my tongue around. Not to mention "slipperily." But, I digress!) Anyhoo. (Oooh, "anyhoo" - now there's a word... oh shut up! But I will say that you must look at the anyhoo link, and get Google to translate it for you - it's mysterical! Oh look: I accidentally coined a new word there, and it's highly apropos!)

Needless to say, Blogger has a good help page on how to do this. It involves getting a third-party website to host the audio files, and then somehow linking to them to get the fancy button that allows you to actually listen to it. But such a fuss! Oy.

So what's the point of this story? Oh, c'mon, my dear, patient reader. You know me better than that! There is no point. I just wanted to, yes, babble! Perhaps this will explain things...

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