Monday, June 7, 2010

From your eyes to your brain

Are these two pics of the Leaning Tower of Pisa different?
Believe it or not, they are identical in every respect! This is from Scientific American; I'll leave it up to them to explain what the hell is going on - click here. You'll also get to see nine other interesting optical illusions. And, of course, the opportunity to buy a special issue of SciAm, containing 169 illusions (always gotta get the plug in!).

Another one: Do you see the inverted triangle?
You do realize, of course, that it's not there... (Note: Sadly, in switching to a white-on-black format for this site, this image doesn't work quite as well as it normally does; probably because it's a .GIF file. If you really want to see it correctly, contact me and I'll send you a decent copy.)

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