Saturday, June 26, 2010

Update: Day 4 of quit smoking campaign

Well, as my Chantix packaging helpfully informs me, it's day 4 of my quit smoking campaign. I now get to take two pills a day. Yippee.

While I'm still smoking the same number of cigs a day, I did notice by late afternoon yesterday that I was not that interested in lighting up - it was more habit than anything else that made me do it. But this happens sometimes, so who knows. (As I write this, I'm still waking up, and smoking the requisite number of fags to get my nicotine reserve up to its normal level. I'm sure that my fellow smokers will identify with that!)

I've been getting some really good encouragement from folks around me, most notably from Donald, a dear, close and trusted friend of mine. Yesterday, he challenged me on something I said to him which sounded like I was wavering - and maybe I was. But he read me the riot act, which I appreciated; this is what I need right now. No platitudes - just honest, down-to-earth constructive criticism and commentary on my progress (or lack thereof!).

An e-cigarette - "smoke" and all!
Now I know I'm going to catch hell from Donald for even mentioning this, but there may be a viable alternative to quitting: the electronic cigarette! Yes, indeedy. The e-cigarette looks and tastes like a real cigarette, but without all the associated nasties. California tried to ban them last year, but the bill was struck down - interesting because if there's any place a ban like this would pass, it's California. For me, however, I think the primary pleasure would be to see the reactions I would get if I vaped* one in a no-smoking zone! I sometimes walk around with an unlit cig in my mouth, and even that gets pretty interesting...

* Apparently, "vape" is the appropriate term since you're not actually smoking! The Urban Dictionary has this definition: To inhale vapor from e-cigarettes. Used because "smoking" an e-cig doesn't apply as there is no smoke only vapor.

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